Vector Psychometric Group has established a cooperative and consulting network with well-regarded companies who can assist us in meeting your research goals with high-quality services and results.

3C Institute

Data Collection and Adaptive Administration Partner

Quest, from our partners at 3C Institute, integrates with Adaptest® for computerized adaptive testing and higher-quality data collection with children. Designed for use with children aged 5–12, Quest is the only research-based child-friendly online data collection system. The game-like interface and built-in accommodations maximize engagement and minimize the impact of developmental challenges on data quality. HIPAA-, FERPA-, and COPPA-compliant, Quest custom surveys support a variety of response formats with the option to embed audio, video, and graphics. In addition to text-to-speech and audio controls for all surveys, Quest offers synchronized highlighting, reverse contrast, magnification, masking of items, and speech input. Customizable metrics track participant progress in real time and collect user data on how children interact with surveys. Upon survey completion, data files are easy to sort, filter, and export for analysis in standard statistical software packages.


Health Research Associates, Inc.

Qualitative Research Partner

HRA is VPG’s contractor of choice when it comes to qualitative research. From focus groups to cognitive interview to foreign-language translation services and beyond, they provide high-quality subjects and results for all manner of qualitative research paradigms and are well-versed in navigating the complexities of instrument development (and all necessary documentation) to satisfy guidelines set forth by the FDA or EMA/CHMP.



Data Collection and Adaptive Administration Partner

ProEventa’s mission is to help organizations achieve value by illustrating quality outcomes at reduced cost. ProEventa’s software product, REBOOT™ (Reliable Evidence–based Outcomes Optimization Technologies), promotes data–driven decision making in real time to ensure mastery of both person–centered and organizational goals. VPG helped ProEventa enhance their value-based software for healthcare with the integration of Adaptest®. This integration allows the REBOOT™ system to provide integrated, real-time IRT based scoring of assessments administered adaptively to improve user engagement through reduced respondent burden and enhanced precision and reliability of symptom acuity and functioning evaluations.


PRO-Core: Patient-Reported Outcomes collection system for UNC Chapel Hill

Data Collection and Adaptive Administration Partner

PRO-Core has been used to administer PRO measurement systems commonly used in cancer research such as EORTC, PRO-CTCAE, MDASI, FACT and PROMIS®. They have recently integrated the Adaptest® plug-in into their data collection system to allow for the adaptive administration of assessments. They can also convert paper-based surveys to electronic format.

Custom forms can be made to capture demographics, clinical information, daily diary, etc., and surveys and forms can be completed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs – any device with a web browser.